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New Verssion with the following features added!


  • Generate diagram from solution
  • Export to image
  • More connection points for relationships
  • Edit relationship by right clicking on the lines
  • Shows N:N relationships
  • Remove Relationship from diagram
  • Tooltip for relationship lines.
  • Collapsible top filters panel.
  • Shows custom entities with different color. 



  • Add new entity
  • Add new Field
  • Relationship details
  • Save from Entity ribbon
  • Edit Entity
  • Edit Field
  • Edit Relationship
  • Add entity to Diagram
  • Remove entity from Diagram
  • Remove field from Diagram
  • Remove system fields from Diagram
  • Delete Entity
  • Delete Field


1. Download the CRM 2011 ERD Designer and import it into CRM 2011 On Premise or CRM Online.
2. Refresh the browser.
3. You can then access CRM 2011 ERD Designer within the Settings Area by selecting ERD Diagrams under the Extensions menu option.
Note: As it is a managed solution it can be completely removed from CRM by selecting to delete the solution from the Solutions View in CRM.

Once you download this source code you will need to:

1)       Download the Silver Diagram SDK from the SilverDiagram site (just copy the SD.XXXX DLL's).
2)       Download the CRM 2011 SDK from Microsoft site and install the Developer Toolkit that is inside the sdk\tools\developertoolkit folder
3)       Download the MVVM Light Toolkit from Codeplex site.
4)       Download the Menu and Context Menu for Silverlight 4.0 from CodePlex site
5)       Download MEFedMVVM from CodePlex site
6)   Download ImageTools from CodePlex site

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mikekolling47 Jan 23, 2014 at 4:57 PM 
Is there a CRM 2013 version or will this still work with 2013?